Review: Kept By Him by Red Garnier

Release Date: 7/1/13

Pages: 100

Price: $2.99

From the Publisher:

Red Garnier takes readers deep into a world of power and possession—and passion…

Not everyone knows that billionaire Daniel Lexington gets a little dirty, a little dark, and will settle for nothing less than everything from any woman lucky enough to tangle his sheets. Handsome, rich and completely irresistible, Daniel can have any woman he wants. However, there is one woman he aches to possess, but has never touched: Monica Davenport.

Monica is one of the alarmingly few women in his life that Daniel has called friend and Daniel protects his friends—no matter what. But when Monica comes to him one night, asking him to make love to her, Daniel is not about refuse—he can’t refuse—even if it could cost him everything. Now, she has a shocking, erotic proposal that threatens to change everything between them because Daniel is a demanding lover who will accept nothing less than complete surrender…

Read all five e-novellas in this sensational series—and look for the full volume of THE BILLIONAIRE’S CLUB in January 2014 from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

So, I really love the billionaires club series but I would have to say that out of the novellas so far this is my least favorite. I thought I would love it because Daniel is the head of the billionaires club. Not necessarily the head but he’s known as the Prince of Chicago. Monica Davenport is known in Chicago as the Ice Maiden. She is very stoic, unemotional and cold. The only person that she’s ever been warm to is Daniel.

Daniel and Monica were close 10 years before the setting of the story. She had just lost her parents and she moved in with the Lexington’s for a while before she got on her feet. During this tough time Daniel would comfort her night but they never went beyond friendly interactions. Except for one night. Monica being the Ice Maiden that she is refused Daniel and set their futures into motion.

Obviously, the two are meant to be together but since they are denying their attraction they tend to look for what feels safe in a relationship. For Daniel, this is one night stands, never sleeping over, and generally being alone. For Monica, this is older men, unemotional attachments, and generally being alone. What they’re both lacking is love and excitement in a relationship.

Monica runs into Daniel at a public event and then they end up leaving together. Monica tells Daniel that the reason her boyfriend broke up with her is because she can’t turn her mind off during sex. She then propositions Daniel to have sex with her and of course he accepts. Their chemistry is off the charts whenever they’re together. Monica tries denying the attraction she feels to Daniel but Daniel understands that this is his chance to have the one woman that he always wanted. Daniel is the one that ends up fighting for the relationship. Eventually Monica sees the light and they give it a go and they get their happily ever after.

Like I said overall the book is good but it’s not as good as the previous novellas in the series. To me it didn’t have the same heat and excitement that Chloe and Graves story had. I can only hope the other stories will be more along the lines of the first two that I read.